What in the world is a “Test Bank”?

They originate from the professors/publisher “open” collaboration (therefore hold no copyright)  the professors can use them on midterms/exams.


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Study Aids are available online + email  INSTANTLY after you have paid. Everything is AUTOMATIC. Make sure your email is valid please.

Hey, What is this site?

I made this site in when as a senior college student, i realized the lack of practice questions available for textbooks. After being in contact with professors, I have found they have really good review material. They are priced around $25 so to prevent wide circulation and prevent other professors from using them!

How do i download my files?

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What is a test bank, solution manual, and study guide?

A test bank is a set of questions (commonly multiple choice) for a whole textbook usually averaging 15-20 per chapter. The great thing about test banks is that they include rationales and answers to these questions. This allows you to study backwards and see how multiple choice questions work. Instructors can use these questions in exams at their discretion.

A solution manual is a more comprehensive breakdown of answers to your textbook questions. They are designed with the instructor in mind.

A study guide is a textbook which is a “companion” to your main textbook. Some textbook have study guides and some don’t.